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CBRN Mobile Quarantine Bag

CBRN Mobile Quarantine Bag KEY FEATURES

  • negative pressure system
  • can also be operated with positive pressure only
  • protects ambulance man, medics, the patient and its environment against contamination
  • observation of patient during transport – totally transparent top
  • medical treatment during transport (7 pass trough connections available)
  • quickest applicability and highest security
  • less volume – less weight
  • protection against CBRN agents (nuclear, biological, chemical)
  • unisize
  • 6 carrying handles
  • up to 7 pass throughs (IV, oxygens, etc.)
  • standard RD 40 threads for blowing unit
  • 6 gloves for medical treatment
  • totally transparent top
  • 1 transparent envelope for patient documentation


“A negative pressure system to transport infected, wounded, contaminated or uncontaminated persons through contaminated or uncontaminated areas while protecting the environment and the patient. “

First responder:
Transportation of patients to the hospital with ambulance cars, etc..

Internal transportation of patients,
e.g. a mobile quarantine

Mobile quarantine für potentially infected people

Soldier transportation in case of CBRN


The EUROLITE ® CBRN Mobile Quarantine Bag (MQBi)is a further development of our CBRN Casualty Bag and CBRN Nursing Bags and had been developed with European MoDs since 2012.

There are 2 versions of the MQBi available:

1. EUROLITE ® CBRN Mobile Quarantine Bag (MQBi)with Standard Patient Fixation:
NSN 6530-41-002-2247

2. EUROLITE ® CBRN Mobile Quarantine Bag (MQBi)with 10G Patient Fixation System:
NSN 6530-41-002-6395


Model : EUROLITE ® CBRN Mobile Quarantine Bag (MQBi)
Dimensions : Deployed: 210 x 60 x 40 cm
Weight : 3,8 kg
Color : Bottom: mil. green, Top: transparent
Material: EUROLITE ® CBRN Barrier Films
Packing: Partly vaccum packed



EUROLITE NBC Protection Garments
EUROLITE NBC Protection Garments