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NBC - Fully Encapsulated Suit II (FES II)

NBC - Fully Encapsulated Suit II (FES II) KEY FEATURES

  • FES Positive pressure suit
  • Light weight
  • Increased flexibility, mobility and greater wearer comfort
  • Longer operating times for personnel
  • Exceptional physical and chemical strength in a light weight barrier fabric
  • High resistance to tearing, puncturing or snagging
  • Large visor for maximum visibility
  • No fogging
  • Use with or without a respirator
  • Top Entry, Front Side Entry, or Rear Entry
  • Integrated gloves and overboots with robust soles
  • Optional: integrated butyl gloves
  • The EUROLITE ® CBR FES works with positive pressure.
  • Air Distribution System
  • Optional: Feed Through Supplies for e.g. drinking bottles, etc.
  • Over-pressure valve
  • Enough space for drinking flask and other personal survival items
  • Vigorously tested against suggested CBR agents terrorist and military could deliver as a potential WMD. Documentation and Reports are available.
  • Proven design, technology and production
  • Meets ASTM & NFPA requirements
  • MIST tested by TNO
  • Meets NATO requirements
  • Long shelf life
  • Vacuum packed for low volume storage
  • Disposable by incineration with no toxic residue



The FES can be supplied in the EUROLITE ® NBC Fire Retardant (FR) heavy duty Barrier Film.

The FES can be equipped with:

• Butyl gloves and/or overboots.
• A chest pocket
• Reinforced knees, Shoulder protectors
• Specific changes, to meet individual requirements, where practicable, are offered


EUROLITE ® military CBR protection was first used during operation DESERT STORM.
Clients are: US – Navy Special Warfare Group, Austrian Military, Norwegian Civil Defence, Taiwanese Fire Administration, and other MoDs or “First Responder“ Organisations around the world.


Model : EUROLITE NBC - Fully Encapsulated Suit II (FES II)
Dimensions : 50 x 25 cm, vacuum packed
Weight : 1,2 Kg
Color : military green, yellow, orange and sand
Material: EUROLITE NBC Barrier film


EUROLITE NBC Protection Garments
EUROLITE NBC Protection Garments