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NBC - Casualty Bag 07

NBC  - Casualty Bag 07 KEY FEATURES

  • less volume - less weight
  • quickest applicability
  • highest security
  • The EUROLITE NBC-Casualty bag is specifically designed for transportation of casualties through contaminated areas or contaminated personnel through clear areas. This bag protects the whole body when the full NBC outfit and respirator are not worn.
  • The NBC-Protection-Casualty bag is produced in standard size.
  • The Casualty bag is made of high quality NBC-Barrier film
  • The Casualty bag is equipped with a security harness for housing a respiration system.
  • Possibility to leave important notes for further treatment in an envelope attached on below of the transparent window.
  • Special closure for first medical care.
  • The Casualty bag is equipped with international standardized threads (RD 40 and RD1) to plug in the blowing unit.
  • Transparent upper part
  • Additional short zipper to provide easy access
  • 6 gloves
  • 4 Carrying handles
  • 2 Feed Through Supplies (e.g. oxygen, IV,..)
  • Fits to NATO stretcher
  • Fixation tunnels: Fixation of the patient is effected with the straps of the NATO stretcher.
  • Available in FR material
  • The Casualty Bag is combined with a blowing unit with low battery alarm.
  • MIST tested by TNO
  • NSN 6532-17-923-0677


EUROLITE NBC Protection Casualty Bags had been developed together with the Netherlands MOD.


Model : EUROLITE NBC Casualty Bag 07
Dimensions : packed: 11.81 x 13.78 x 3.15 Inch ; deployed: 23.62 x 83.27 x 11.81 Inch
Weight : 1,8 Kg
Color : RAL 7013 olive green ( or on request)
Material: EUROLITE NBC Barrier film
Packing: bags are vacuumed packed and to be opened easily


EUROLITE NBC Protection Garments
EUROLITE NBC Protection Garments