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NBC - Casualty Hood

NBC - Casualty Hood KEY FEATURES

  • less volume - less weight
  • quickest applicability and highest security
  • The EUROLITE NBC-Casualty Hood is specifically designed for wounded patients which can walk. Statistically 70 % of wounded soldiers have injuries around the head, neck, and chest. After medical treatment those soldiers are being protected with the Casualty Hood and are transported out of the CBR area.
  • The NBC-Protection-Casualty Hood is produced in standard size and made of high quality NBC-Barrier film
  • The Casualty Hood is equipped with a security harness for housing a respiration system.
  • Possibility to leave important notes for further treatment in an envelope attached next to the transparent window.
  • The Casualty Hood is equipped with international standardized threads (RD 40 and RD1) to plug in the blowing unit.
  • Transparent large window
  • Elastic waist closure and cord string waist closure
  • Rear Entry Zipper
  • Available with gloves or mittens
  • 1 Feed Through Supplies (e.g. oxygen, IV,..)
  • 1 Drinking Interface which connects to FM12 drinking bottles
  • Air Distribution System
  • Available in FR material
  • The Casualty Hood is combined with a blowing unit with low battery alarm.
  • MIST tested by TNO
  • NSN 6532-17-923-0675


EUROLITE NBC Protection Casualty Hoods had been developed together with the Netherlands MOD.


Model : EUROLITE NBC - Casualty Hood
Weight : 1,00 Kg
Color : RAL 7013 olive green (or on request)
Material: EUROLITE NBC Barrier film
Packing: bags are vacuum packed and to be opened easily


EUROLITE NBC Protection Garments
EUROLITE NBC Protection Garments