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NBC - Fully Encapsulated Suit (FES )

NBC - Fully Encapsulated Suit (FES ) KEY FEATURES

  • FES Positive pressure suit; Light weight; Rear entry
  • Increased flexibility, mobility and greater wearer comfort for longer operating times for personnel
  • Exceptional physical and chemical strength in a light weight barrier fabric
  • High resistance to tearing, puncturing or snagging
  • Extra large visor for maximum visibility; No fogging
  • Use with or without a respirator
  • Integrated gloves and overboots with robust soles
  • Operation of the blower controls from inside the suit
  • The blower unit and hoses are housed inside the FES, therefore no separate requirement for a decontamination process of the blower
  • Enough space for drinking flask and other personal survival items
  • Vigorously tested against suggested CBR agents - terrorist and military - thatr could deliver as a potential WMD. Documentation and Reports are available. Use with or without gas mask
  • Proven design, technology and production and meets ASTM & NFPA requirements
  • Meets NATO requirements
  • Repair kits available
  • Long shelf life
  • Vacuum packed for low volume storage
  • Disposable by incineration with no toxic residue
  • Option: Butyl gloves and/or overboots
  • Option: Chest pocket(s)
  • Option: Reinforced knees
  • Option: Specific changes to meet individual requirements (customisation)


EUROLITE ® NBC FES is constructed as fully encapsulated one-piece suit with a large visor, integrated gloves and integrated robust soles (IRS). The FES is rear entered. For a good fit special Velcro tapes are used around the arms and the lower legs.

The EUROLITE ® NBC FES works with positive pressure. The blower unit is carried comfortably in an internal rucksack within the FES. On the rear out side of the FES, two filters are attached to the universally accpeted RD 40 threads. The blower distributes the filtered air via distribution hoses inside the FES. To prevent overpressure, relief-valves are incorporated in the FES design.


The FES can be equipped with:

• Butyl gloves and/or overboots.
• A chest pocket
• Reinforced knees
• Specific changes, to meet individual requirements, where practicable, are offered


EUROLITE ® military NBC protection was first used during operation DESERT STORM.
Clients are: US – Navy Special Warfare Group, Austrian Military, Norwegian Civil Defence, Taiwanese Fire Administration, Arizona Police and other MoDs or “First Responder“ Organisations around the world.


Model : EUROLITE NBC Fully Encapsulated Suit ( FES)
Dimensions : 50 cm x 25 cm, vacuum packed
Weight : 1,4 Kg
Color : miltary green, yellow, orange and sand
Material: EUROLITE NBC Barrier film


EUROLITE NBC Protection Garments
EUROLITE NBC Protection Garments