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NBC Nursing Bag


  • less volume - less weight
  • quickest applicability
  • highest security
  • The EUROLITE NBC-Nursing Bag is specifically designed for transportation of casualties through contaminated areas or contaminated personnel through clear areas. The unique advantage is that it allows medical treatment while protecting both the medical personnel and the casualty from contaminated agents that eventually transfer into or out of the nursing bag
  • It is used with a blower, which provides filtered air
  • The NBC-Protection-Nursing bag is produced in standard size
  • The Nursing bag is made of high quality NBC-Barrier film
  • The Nursing bag is equipped with the international standardized thread (RD 40) to plug in the blowing unit
  • 3 transparent windows
  • Possibility to leave some important notes for further treatment in an envelope attached below of the transparent window
  • 6 special accesses with integrated gloves for medical care
  • Carrying handles upon request


EUROLITE NBC Protection Bags had been developed together with the Austrian MoD. The Casualty Bag is in use in the Austrian Army since September 2002.


Model : EUROLITE NBC-Nursing Bag
Dimensions : packed 11.81 x 13.78 x 3.15 Inch; deployed 23.62 x 83.27 x 11.81 Inch
Weight : 51.2 Ounces (1450 grams)
Color : RAL 7013 olive-green (or on request)
Material: EUROLITE NBC Barrier film
Packing: bags are vacuum packed and to be opened easily


EUROLITE NBC Protection Garments
EUROLITE NBC Protection Garments