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Eurolite NBC Protection ISO 9001:2000 SGS Certification

Welcome to EUROLITE NBC Protection Products by GOETZLOFF GmbH!

GOETZLOFF GmbH is a producer of NBC protection equipment, which is
sold globally under our registered trademark EUROLITE®.

We have more than 25 years NBC protection experience which is redundantly updated through R & D partnerships with MoDs and other government departments and through participating in international NBC symposiums & shows. Our customers can be found around the world and mainly belong to military & international peace keeping forces, as well as first responder organisations and anti-terror units.
In addition to our own EUROLITE® product range we are representing well-known companies with complementary products to various government clients on an international basis. Over and above that we are able to offer complete NBC kits to our customers.

Customized products, for special actions.

Since more than 30 years we are following this slogan and are providing solutions that make actions of our customers possible. In this spirit we would like to offer you our cooperation. You are welcome to contact us and let us know your needs.

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EUROLITE NBC Protection Garments
EUROLITE NBC Protection Garments